Our Story

Cayla Gray is on a mission to bring luxurious self care collections to those looking to go deeper on their beauty routines. This multi–faceted approach recognizes that self-care is not a vapid activity but a deep, personal ritual by diving deeper into oneself and indulges the senses. Guided by the interconnection of nostalgia and scent, Cayla Gray exists to remind women of the slow intentional journey of a self care ritual

Our founder's story

The journey to deeper self discovery started through our Founder, Kelly Kussman after she suffered from a ruptured ectopic pregnancy, almost losing her life as well as her first baby.  It started her on a journey of self discovery that led to the creation of Cayla Gray, a fragrance company.  Cayla Gray was going to be the name of her first baby.  The brand connected her deep love for the nostalgia of scent but also honored the heartbreak she experienced through the pregnancy losses.

Kelly took bi-annual trips alone to experience nature and go deeper in her healing journey.  Each trip helped her develop deeply personal rituals that she soon discovered allowed her to move through her grief but also was helping other women move through life's transitions.

Kelly Kussman, Founder and CEO of Cayla Gray