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Capture fleeting memories in timeless scents with Cayla Gray’s luxury perfumes and candles.

Each fragrance evokes the senses and transforms the everyday to tell the story of you.

About Cayla Gray

Dewy mornings. Sun-drenched afternoons. Smokey nights. The Cayla Gray luxury collection of clean fragrances for self and home captures fleeting memories in timeless scents to tell the story of you.  

From hand-poured candles to cleanly-formulated fragrances, our  premium-quality materials, bespoke fragrances, and environmentally-aware production is the foundation for the brand’s thoughtfully curated collection of wares. 

Cayla Gray is dedicated to providing an optimal experience and attainable price point, prioritizing easy access to safe ingredients that consciously embody a luxury spirit and the beauty of nature. 

We can’t wait to help you make scents of every unforgettable moment. #morethanamemory

Our Scents

Discovery Kit

Discovery Kit Image

We want to share our story with you.

Try out our Discovery Kit. Each kit includes four sample fragrances in our signature scents so you can explore and capture your own story.

Four x 1.5 ml sprays eau de parfum

Contains a sample vial of all 4 fragrances (Hearth, Cozy, Water and Petals)

From Founder Kelly Kussman

“I wanted to launch with fragrances that evoked each season and created immediate connections to that time of year: floral for spring, a crisp, clean scent for summer, cozy warmth for fall, and earthy, smoky notes for winter. I think of Cayla Gray’s signature four like bottling not only those distinctive seasonal moods but all the memories that they hold, too.”

Here is What others are saying

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"I honestly don't wear fragrances all that often but after smelling these scents, I am pretty sure that is about to change. When I walked in the room, my husband said "dang girl, you smell good!" and that sealed the deal for me. There isn't once scent I didn't like. Can't wait to see and smell everything else Cayla Gray comes out with!" -Holland D, Arizona

“The Water Scent smells so fresh! I can't wait to have this as a perfume and a candle!” -Ena D. Arizona

“The Cayla Gray fragrances are so fresh and fun that it’s hard to decide which one to wear. (So I have to rotate!) They’re really feminine too, which I love. Another plus, they’re made with clean ingredients!” -Melanie, Phoenix, AZ