Bringing scent into your brand is a great way to connect your customers to the deeper meaning behind your brand activations. Guided by the interconnection of nostalgia and scent, a scent brand activation can have a powerful effect on your brand's impact, bringing clients back to the moment in which the scent and your brand were introduced to them.
We have created custom scents for brands (product and service), personal brands, speaking engagements, masterminds, retreats, and more.

Why cayla Gray fragrance for your brand?

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Many scientific studies have been done about the strong connection between scent and memory.  Bringing scent into your brand is a great way to connect your customers to the deeper meaning behind your brand activations.

Every time they use that scent, they will be reminded of the time both the fragrance and your brand were introduced.

Whether a candle or perfume, its a daily reminder of who you are in their lives on such a deeply personal level.

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Elevated Luxury

Fragrance brands are not required to disclose ingredients in their products but we list every ingredient because we believe customers should know what is in your fragrance

Cayla Gray sources from the best raw material suppliers and uses only natural and safe synthetic ingredients.

Our ingredients are better quality and safer than most of the luxury brands out there, AND we sell our products at more attainable prices. We believe that everyone should expect more from a luxury brand.

Ease of Execution

We source, negotiate and procure all of the materials needed for your end product.

We test all finish product and manage assembly of the goods.

We can also help manage orders and fulfillment to your end customer or provide you with wholesale management to restock your own goods.

Previous Fragrance collaborations

Rose Summer Collaboration

Lite Pink

Sold out of all units inless than 48 hours. Restocked several times

Self Made Candle Collaboration

Candy Valentino

Launched & hosted her women's financial conference with our fragrances. Sold out on Cayla Gray Website within the same week

Samantha Harper Collaboration with Cayla Gray

Samantha Harper

Created an immersive experience with scent and sound. Continuing to expand to new products.

Empower Rollerball

Kacia Ghetmiri

Launched a scent to help immerse and reming her podcast community of their innate power.  Sold out within first week.

UPCOMING Fragrance collaborations


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