Wrapping your head around synthetic vs. natural fragrances can be confusing. Both come with pros and cons. Neither is better than the other - you’ll usually get the best result by using a little of each. At Cayla Gray, this is the formula we strive for. The cleanest of synthetic ingredients with the safest natural ingredients.


Our mission is to educate our community on what is clean fragrance and how to turn moments into tangible memories through fragrance. We’re breaking everything you need to know about synthetic and natural fragrance ingredients and whether they’re safe for your home and skin.


What Are Synthetic Fragrance Ingredients?

Synthetic fragrance’ refers to lab-grown fragrance notes that recreate natural notes within a controlled environment. The benefit of using synthetic fragrance is that it helps protect biodiversity and wildlife as they’re grown in labs instead of being sourced from the environment.


Most are ‘full synthetic’ or ‘semi-synthetic’. Full synthetic ingredients come from petroleum by-products, while semi-syntenic ingredients use a blend of artificially modified, natural, and synthetic notes. 

Rollerballs and Perfumes in a row

Is Synthetic Fragrance Safe?

Some are, but some aren’t. The issue with most synthetic fragrances is that they contain ingredients derived from petroleum. These ingredients contain phthalates. They’re designed to make plastic softer and can be harmful to your health while also causing allergic reactions.


Not all synthetic fragrance ingredients contain phthalates. These synthetic ingredients are safe to use and more sustainably sourced than some natural ingredients.


What Are Natural Fragrance Ingredients?

Natural fragrance’ refers to a fragrance that is naturally derived from essential oils, plant-based ingredients, nature, and even animals. The International Fragrance Association defines natural fragrances as ones extracted from plants without altering the ingredient’s chemical structure.


While they can be made in a laboratory, most are derived from plant materials and animal essence. The fragrance notes are extracted using several processes, including steam distillation, refining, cold pressing, and dehydration.


Is Natural Fragrance Safe?

We often think ‘natural’ means ‘safe’ – but that’s not always the case. Natural fragrance ingredients can still lead to allergic reactions and rely heavily on harvesting plants and wood, leading to deforestation and environmental damage.


Not all natural ingredients are safe. Some can include toxic compounds that become by-products when distilled into fragrance notes. Almonds gathered in the wild can contain cyanide, while leaves from certain plants can contain chemicals that can damage your nervous system. When shopping for natural fragrances, you want to look for non-toxic and hypoallergenic formulas.


Why We Use Both Synthetic + Natural Fragrance

At Cayla Gray, we take the best of both. As a clean fragrance brand, we search high and low for the ingredients that are kind to your skin and safe for your home. We want you to create moments of peace and memories through fragrance.


Synthetic fragrance ingredients create more sustainable and long-lasting scents, while natural fragrances can be safe to use if toxic-free.


Our synthetic and natural fragrance ingredients are responsibly sourced, non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and phthalate-free. Explore our clean fragrance range and start making memories today.

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