Is there a scent that takes you back in time? It might be the smell of pine trees that makes you think of holidays spent visiting family and friends. It could be a tropical aroma that takes you back to a beach vacation with your best friend. Scents have a way of unlocking memories buried deep in your mind. Scents, emotions, and memories are intertwined for eternity.


At Cayla Gray, we’re a clean fragrance brand with lifestyle scents that give you an instant dose of serotonin. Our goal is to help you turn moments into memories through fragrance. Mark all the special occasions in life – big and small – with a spray of Cayla Gray fragrance.


We’re looking at the connection between scent and memories. While there’s a science behind it all, we like to think it’s a little touch of magic.


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The connection between scent and memories

Scent is one of the most powerful memory triggers, helping you recall moments in time or recognize information. It’s through memories that we start to recognize scents. You’ll come to know what roses smells like after a walk through a garden in bloom. You’ll know what the first fall of snow smells like after experiencing it for the first time. We can’t have one without the other.

The ability of scent to trigger emotional memories comes from where our sense of smell is located within our brain. The 1919 novel ‘Swann’s Way’ first made people consider the link between scent and memories after the book described how the scent of cake and tea brought them back the memories of their childhood.

Your nose has an ‘olfactory system’ that has thousand different smell receptor types which regenerate throughout your life and adapt to what you experience in life. While we can smell scents, we often struggle to describe them – instead, we link them to something we’ve experienced with the scent.


What does the connection between scent and memory mean for the fragrances we use every day? It means that we can choose scents to wear at specific times to act as memory inducers in the future.


It's why people choose to wear their ‘wedding perfume’ every year on their anniversary to remind them of their special day. We can use clean fragrances as a way of turning moments into memories.


Mark Every Moment with Cayla Gray

Whether you want to remember a magical summer or create a time capsule for a special day, mark every moment with Cayla Gray. Our clean perfume is made using responsibly sourced ingredients that are kind to your skin and the planet that we call home.


We want to help you create memories through scents with fragrances that help you make any tranquil space your home. Our hypoallergenic perfume is designed to be used at home or as your signature scent. At Cayla Gray, we’re the home of nostalgic perfumes that are more than just a scent – they’re a time machine to the past.


Add a touch of luxury to your day with our range of lifestyle scents. You can explore the latest arrivals from Cayla Gray here. Experience your first dose of clean beauty with our Discovery Kit to find your perfect clean perfume.


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